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Passenger Rights

As a passenger you have the right to:

  • See Driver’s Face Card with his Name and Number prominently displayed on the right side passenger’s visor.
  • See the Rate Sheet from the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, in good condition, affixed to the rear door, rear vent window.
  • Heat or Air Condition upon request and a comfortable, safe, clean, taxicab.
  • Request driver make change for bills without your being charged for any stop necessary to make change.  However, the driver can designate a currency limit by providing a notice, in plain view, of a limitation on making change.
  • Be Directly driven to any destination in the Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • Receive a Meter-Generated Receipt from the driver for trip taken

Acceptable practices and laws:

  • Blank or handwritten receipts are not acceptable
  • All Service Animals are transported free of charge
  • Failure to pay is a crime punishable by law

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can a customer refuse shared riding?
Yes, the customer always has the right to refuse to share a ride.
2) What is the drop rate?
The drop rate is the initial charge associated with engaging a taxicab for hire. The DC taxicab drop rate is $3.25. In addition, there is a $0.25 passenger surcharge for each trip.
3) Can a taxicab driver request the destination before allowing a passenger to enter an unoccupied cab?
Except in shared riding, the operator shall not ask the destination of the passenger until the passenger is in the taxicab.
4) Can a taxicab driver require cash payment?
No, the customer always has the choice to pay by cash, credit card or through an app (if the ride was hailed by an app or otherwise digitally dispatched).
5) Can a taxicab driver use his cellular phone while transporting passengers?
No, at all times a taxicab driver is prohibited from using a cellular phone, even if it is a hands free device, while engaged with a customer.  In the event that a silent alarm is initiated, the driver should pull over to the road and answer the monitoring center’s phone call.
6) Is the customer required to tip the driver?
Although tipping is customary to show an appreciation for service, a customer is not required to tip the driver.
7) Is there a charge for luggage?
No, the Agency does not permit a driver to impose a luggage fee charge to customers. 
8) Is there a service charge associated with pick up from Reagan National Airport?
Yes, an additional service is charged for all rides originating at Reagan National Airport.
9) Can a driver accept payment via Square?
Drivers may only use Square card readers connected to their digital meters. Drivers may not use personal Square devices attached to their cell phones.
10) Does a customer have to request a receipt for their trip?
No, the driver is required to provide the customer with a meter generated receipt at the conclusion of the trip unless the trip is a digitally dispatched or booked through an app in which case an electronic receipt is provided to the customer through the app. 
11) Is there a charge for additional passengers if you are traveling as a group?
Yes, if there is more than one passenger on a trip, there shall be a one dollar ($1.00) additional passenger charge, regardless of the number of additional passengers the total additional passenger fee shall not exceed one dollar ($1.00).