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Starting a Case

If you wish to initiate the hearing process at the Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV), you may do so by filing a request for a hearing. There are forms available for you to complete and file with the Office of Hearing Examiners (OHE). All cases must be started by filing a written document (link to blank submission form) at OHE, and briefly state the agency decision you are appealing and why you are appealing it.

Please follow the directions on the “Hearing Request Form” regarding all required information and documents requested. Note: If you file the “Blank Submission Form” with the “Hearing Request Form”, you only need to provide your brief description (i.e., stating the agency decision you are appealing and why) on the “Blank Submission Form.” You can, alternatively, file the “Hearing Request Form,” in lieu of the “Blank Submission Form”; in which case you would have to include your brief description on the “Hearing Request Form”. Attorney’s are generally expected to use the “Blank Submission Form” format when submitting appeals on their clients’ behalf.

You may submit the “Submission Form” via online, email, mail, or in-person. Please feel free to contact our office at 202-645-7300.

Please note that if you have received a Notice of Infraction (NOI) from the DFHV or any other enforcement authority, follow the directions on the NOI to file your answer. Be sure to file your response within the time specified in the notice.
Requesting a Hearing with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles

There are three (3) ways to request a hearing with DFHV:
1.    Submit your appeal in person: deliver to DFHV Client Services a completed “Hearing Request Form” and the DFHV Office of Hearing Examiners’ Appeal Form (i.e., the “Blank Submission Form”)    
2.    Submit your appeal by email:  Print the forms here [INSERT the link to forms – Hearing Request Form and OHE Appeal Form], complete by hand, scan and submit both forms by email to [email protected];
3.    Submit your appeal at our website: Complete the Fillable “Filing Documents Online Form” at, attach the Hearing Request Form and the OHE Appeal Form, and then submit the appeal online.

Please see the below details for more information on the required forms:

Form 1: Hearing Request Form, which requests the following information: 
a.   Driver name, contact information, face card identification, languages spoken;
b.   Date of alleged violation/action;
c.   Date of proposed suspension, revocation;
d.   Date of denial;
e.   Date of resolution conference;
f.    Describe the violation;
g.   Need special assistance, accommodations, and/or interpreter services; and
h.   Schedule availability for a hearing.

Form 2: DFHV Office of Hearing Examiners’ Appeal Form or Your Own Legal Pleading Form
i.    Appellant/Respondent should use the “Blank Submission Form” template, as the DFHV Appeal Form
j.    Print the “DFHV Appeal Form” (i.e., Blank Submission Form) and fill it in by hand and submit it via the online form, email, or in-person at DFHV.

Instructions on the form:  
•    To submit this in person, please fill in Form 1 and Form 2 and submit hard copy in person at the DFHV office.  
•    To email it to the DFHV Office of Hearing Examiners, complete the Form 1 and Form 2, and scan and email them as attachments to [email protected]
•    To submit online, complete the fillable forms and submit uploaded forms at this website.