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Passenger and Driver Rights

Please be advised of your rights as a passenger and driver; and always behave responsibly. Passengers should enter the vehicle, be seated, close the door and instruct the driver of their destination. The driver is prohibited from denying service based on the destination. All taxis must have a functioning taximeter that can accept credit card payments. .

Note the following safety tips:

• Hail and enter only licensed District vehicles, and inform the driver of your destination; the passenger has the right also to inform the driver of their preferred route.

• See the Taxicab Driver’s Face ID with the Name and Number prominently displayed on the right side passenger’s visor and/or on the backseat Passenger Information Monitor.

• Note the number displayed on the dome light; the letter and three numbers are the unique Public Vehicle Identification Number (PVIN) that all licensed and registered District taxicabs must have.

• Do NOT accept street hails from unlicensed or private vehicles. Private vehicles may ONLY be summoned electronically through an approved app.

• You are to be taken driven directly to your destination in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

• All service animals are transported free of charge.

• A driver may refuse service only if there is a reason to fear for their safety..

• A driver may place taxicab out of service at their discretion provided such action is noted on the manifest and Off-Duty sign is visibly posted prior to a request for service.

• If passenger or driver feels threatened in a private or public vehicle for hire call 911 with your location.

If you feel you have not been treated fairly contact the Department of For-Hire Vehicles at (855) 484-4966 24 hours a day/7 days a week and/or submit your complaint here.

Fuel Efficiency

The DC Department of the Environment provides information, data and guides regarding vehicle emission standards, inspection and maintenance schedules and fuel efficiency.