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Non-District Limousine (NDL) Permit

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV) has made available for any black car vehicle the opportunity to apply for the Non-District Limousine (NDL) Permit. Administrative Issuance AI-2017-03C expands the number of non-District limousine owners eligible to partcipate. In exchange for providing trip data through a free app from DFHV, the vehicle owners are authorized to provide point-to-point servcies within the District of Columbia. Email [email protected] for more information about the NDL Permit. Submit an application here

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How long can I have a permit?

Answer:  The NDL Permit is valid for 180 days.

2.      My NDL Permit is about to expire or has expired, how can I renew it?

Answer:  In order to renew your NDL Permit - Click Here

3.      How much is the permit?

Answer:  The permit is $180 and must be paid online once the application is approved.

4.     Will my NDL Permit be mailed to me or given in an email?

Answer:  NDL Permits will be emailed to the address on file unless a special request is made for pick up. Note that the DFHV Office is located at 2235 Shannon Place, SE Washington, DC 20020, Suite 2001; pick up can be made during the hours of 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

5.  What documents are needed for the application

Answer:  Please see the NDL Permit application for specific requirements.

6.   Who may pick up the NDL Permit from DFHV once approved?

Answer:  The applicant or designee may pick up the permit.  The applicant must provide the designee with the authority to pick up the permit(s).  Designees may be a listed driver or runner.

7.  If my application is denied, what can I do?

Answer:  If your application is denied, please review the response that has been provided to you via e-mail. Then, correct/resolve the denial reason and resubmit your application.  If you continue to have difficulty, you may email [email protected], or call 202-645-7300.

8.  Where should the NDL Permt be placed on the vehicle?

Answer:  Place the NDL Permit sticker on the inside of the rear window where it is visible.