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Transport DC

New Reservation and WMATA ID Confirmation notice


Transport DC users that require the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) will now have the option to reserve a one-way trip up to an hour in advance of their planned departure time. The reservation system will begin on Wednesday December 1st 2021.


All TransportDC customers are required to have an active MetroAccess ID and use this number when contacting the Transport DC Trip Request Line. Customers must also show their MetroAccess ID to the driver. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain their MetroAccess eligibility and ensure their ID card is active.


Please note that on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2021 the following changes to the Transport DC program went into effect:

  • Customers can take up to ten (10) one-way trips (5 round trips each month) to any destination within the District; there will no longer be any trip restrictions from the 15th through end of the month.
  • The $5 co-pay fare will be raised to $7.
  • All trip requests will be available for same-day, on-demand, as soon as possible taxi service only.
  • Customers that use the service to get to and from dialysis will be able to continue to do so as dialysis trips will not count towards the 10-trip monthly limit. An exception form is available below under "Attachments."

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions under “Attachments” below.

Transport DC is an alternative transportation service for MetroAccess customers. Transport DC provides taxicab rides to and from any location within the DC borders.  

Cost for riders:              $7 per ride

Hours of Operation:      24 / 7

Eligibility:                       Riders must be registered with MetroAccess. Please contact WMATA regarding MetroAccess eligibility at (202) 962-1100. A Metro Access ID# must be presented when booking a ride with Transport DC.

Book a ride:                   1 (844) 322-7732

See below for more information

Transport DC is a premium same-day, cost-effective alternative transportation service for WMATA MetroAccess customers.

Book your ride by calling 1-844-322-7732 (you must dial "1" from a landline phone). Please review the Transport DC Customer Guide which is also posted at the bottom of this page.

Monthly User Group Meeting: We welcome your feedback! Join the monthly Transport DC User Group meetings held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm please contact Charles Lindsay at [email protected] for the meeting link and information.

Companion rider: Companions are welcome to accompany Transport DC participants at no additional charge.

$7 each one-way ride: Each one-way trip is $7.00, which can be paid by cash, credit card, or debit card 

MetroAccess ID Required: Transport DC customers must have an active MetroAccess identification card and number available when they book their trip and drivers require participants' MetroAccess ID’s at the time of service. Transport DC participation does not affect MetroAccess eligibility.

MetroAccess eligibility: Please contact WMATA for issues regarding MetroAccess eligibility. Call (202) 962-1100 or email [email protected].

Schedule your ride: Call 1-844-322-7732

Your feedback is valuable: Please call (202) 645-7300 or email us at [email protected]. For Transport DC program user group meeting info, please email [email protected].

Please submit complaints in writing to the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, 2235 Shannon Place, SE, Suite 2001, Washington, DC 20020; you can also email [email protected]; or call (202) 645-7300


What is Transport DC?
Transport DC is a premium same-day, cost-effective alternative transportation service to MetroAccess’ paratransit service for DC MetroAccess customers.

How do I schedule a ride?
Trips are scheduled by calling 1-844-322-7732 at least 30 minutes before pick up time. Callers must dial the numeral “1” when using a landline telephone to schedule a ride.

Can I bring shopping bags and luggage with me on my Transport DC trip?
Transport DC passengers may bring a limited amount of packages with them on their trips, but the items cannot exceed 5 (five) grocery or shopping bags and no more than 40 pounds; the items must be capable of being transported in a single trip to the exterior door.

Can I use someone else’s MetroAccess ID to book and take a trip for myself on Transport DC?
No, only the customer with the MetroAccess ID are eligible for Transport DC service. Customers who allow someone else to use their MetroAccess ID to request or take a trip on Transport DC can be suspended from the program. 

What was the original design of the Transport DC program?
Transport DC was designed as a pilot program to provide transportation to and from dialysis centers during the first phase of the program implementation and expanded to provide transportation to the same locations as MetroAccess within the District of Columbia.

How do I book a Transport DC trip?

  1. Customers must call the 844-322-7732 number.
  2. The system will greet the customer and ask for their MetroAcess ID number, the customer can type or say in their number when prompted.
  3. After a few seconds, the telephone system will ask to save the customer’s phone number. The customer can press “1” if this is the primary phone number they use to book a ride.
  4. The telephone system will automatically transition a customer to a Transport DC provider.

If a customer should have any questions regarding the new system, they can call (202) 645-7300 and ask for Mr. Charles Lindsay.

How will customers be notified in advance of program changes?
Program updates are announced at regularly scheduled meetings with advocates, riders and providers and by emails, text messages and notices posted on the DFHV website.

What happens if a Transport DC customer is not complying with the program rules?

Customers who do not comply with program rules will be sent a letter from DFHV as a warning. Customers can be suspended from Transport DC if they do not comply with program rules. Rule violations include knowingly exceeding the monthly trip limit, using a MetroAccess ID that is not your own, and misrepresenting a trip that really wasn’t for dialysis.

How much does the District spend on Transportation services for people with disabilities and seniors?
About $71 million combined on MetroAccess, Transport DC, DC Medicaid, and Seabury Connector.


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