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Announcement of Emergency Fare Period

Monday, October 29, 2012

(Washington, DC) Pursuant to the declaration of a state of emergency by Mayor Vincent C. Gray due to the current and expected weather conditions created by Hurricane Sandy and a finding of hazardous driving conditions, I am authorizing Emergency Fares in accordance with DC Municipal Regulations Chapter 31 Rule 804.

During this emergency fare period, DC taxicabs are authorized to add the emergency flat rate of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per trip originating in the District of Columbia to the metered fare.

The emergency fare takes effect at 12 noon October 29, 2012 and automatically expires after twenty four (24) hours unless cancelled sooner. Depending upon the conditions the emergency fare may be extended for an additional fixed period.

Whenever the taxicab driver is to charge the emergency fare, the driver shall inform the passenger upon entering the vehicle that the emergency fare is in effect and explain it. Drivers are required to prominently display on the back of the front seats the Snow Emergency Fare Placard that is applicable during a snow emergency.

If a dispute arises, the passenger shall pay the fare and file a written complaint within fifteen (15) days with the DC Taxicab Commission. The driver shall indicate the dispute on their manifest by putting the letter “D” (for “Disputed”) after the amount of the fare.

Each taxicab driver shall check regularly when the emergency fare is in effect with the news media, the Metropolitan Police Department, or the Office of Taxicabs to determine if the emergency fare is still authorized.