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L-Tag Licensing

L-Tag Application Instructions and Terms:

  • The L-Tag One Stop Registration Form must be typed, notarized and returned to the Department of For-Hire Vehicles.
  • To be considered complete, the Application must include all items requested. Incomplete Applications will not be processed. Acceptance of your fee payment and issuance of a receipt for that payment by the agency does not constitute approval of your Application.
  • Normal processing time to review an Application is ten (10) days. If you receive pre-approval, report to the Department of Motor Vehicles for inspection, titling, registration and to obtain the L-Tag(s).
  • Luxury class vehicle is defined as a public vehicle-for-hire that: has a manufacturer’s rated seated capacity of fewer than 10 people; is not a salvaged vehicle or a vehicle rented from an entity whose predominant business is that of renting motor vehicles on a time basis; and is no more than ten (10) model years of age at entry into service and no more than twelve (12) model years of age while in service.

 Application Checklist:

1.    Completed Application Form

2.   Attachment B-1: Copy of your current Occupancy Permit

3.   Attachment B-2: Copy of DC Tax Letter/Coupon/Existing Companies Only

4.   Attachment B-3: Copy of Federal Tax Return/Existing Companies Only

5.   Attachment C-1: Current Certificate of Good-Standing from the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) for each domestic and foreign corporation with vehicles in your fleet

6.   Attachment C-2: A copy of the Articles and Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws; For Partnerships: an executed copy of the Partnership Agreement; Current By-laws and other Rules and Regulations relating to the organization and operation of the association; For unincorporated entity provide proof of Unincorporated Business status

7.   Attachment C-3: Copy of Prior Year’s Filed Federal and Local Income Tax Returns/Existing Companies Only

8.   Attachment E-1: Itemized schedule of all customer fees or rate schedule

9.   Attachment E-2: Vehicle Inventory

10. Attachment E-3: A list of all licensed drivers (employees, lessees, or contractors)

11. Copy of current digital dispatch service contract

12. Final review vehicle inspection registration required permit approval by DFHV