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L-Tag Licensing

L-Tag Application Instructions and Terms:

  • The L-Tag One Stop Registration Form must be typed, notarized and returned to the Department of For-Hire Vehicles.
  • To be considered complete, the Application must include all items requested. Incomplete Applications will not be processed. Acceptance of your fee payment and issuance of a receipt for that payment by the agency does not constitute approval of your Application.
  • Normal processing time to review an Application is ten (10) days. If you receive pre-approval, report to the Department of Motor Vehicles for inspection, titling, registration and to obtain the L-Tag(s).
  • Luxury class vehicle is defined as a public vehicle-for-hire that: has a manufacturer’s rated seated capacity of fewer than 10 people; is not a salvaged vehicle or a vehicle rented from an entity whose predominant business is that of renting motor vehicles on a time basis; and is no more than ten (10) model years of age at entry into service and no more than twelve (12) model years of age while in service.

 Application Checklist:

1.    Completed Application Form

2.   Attachment B-1: Copy of your current Occupancy Permit

3.   Attachment B-2: Copy of DC Tax Letter/Coupon/Existing Companies Only

4.   Attachment B-3: Copy of Federal Tax Return/Existing Companies Only

5.   Attachment C-1: Current Certificate of Good-Standing from the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) for each domestic and foreign corporation with vehicles in your fleet

6.   Attachment C-2: A copy of the Articles and Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws; For Partnerships: an executed copy of the Partnership Agreement; Current By-laws and other Rules and Regulations relating to the organization and operation of the association; For unincorporated entity provide proof of Unincorporated Business status

7.   Attachment C-3: Copy of Prior Year’s Filed Federal and Local Income Tax Returns/Existing Companies Only

8.   Attachment E-1: Itemized schedule of all customer fees or rate schedule

9.   Attachment E-2: Vehicle Inventory

10. Attachment E-3: A list of all licensed drivers (employees, lessees, or contractors)

11. Clean Hands Certification and DC Business Tax Registration

12. Copy of current digital dispatch service contract

13. Final review vehicle inspection registration required permit approval by DFHV