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Industry FAQs

Any general for-hire questions can be submitted via a convenient on-line form. Please complete the Department of For-Hire Vehicles Inquiry Form and all inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours or the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are taxicab operators allowed to organize shared rides?

Answer: Yes. See Administrative Issuance AI-201708 about Shared Riding 
2) Are passengers required to share a taxicab ride?
Answer: No.  The passenger may always choose to ride without other passengers.
3) Are taxicab operators allowed to charge a passenger more for a shared ride?
Answer: No.  The Shared Ride Rate of $1.20 per mile is lower than the Standard Rate of $2.16.  Street hail fares may be reduced (but never raised) through discounts on the total fare offered by the taxicab’s DTS provider (not the individual operator).  The fare for a taxicab ride booked through an app is set by the DDS; so the fare can be lower but taxicab fares can never be higher than the metered rate set by DFHV.  
4) Can a Virginia or Maryland black car conduct point-to-point service inside the District?
Answer: Yes, under certain circumstances.  A black car displaying Maryland or Virginia tags may conduct point-to-point service in the District if it has a valid NDL permit or a Special Event decal issued by DFHV and the trip is booked by a digital dispatch service (DDS) registered with DFHV to provide black car service.  For a current list of these DDSs, click here.
5) Can I get an H tag?
Answer: Yes.  DFHV-licensed drivers may be eligible to receive a new taxicab vehicle license (and new DMV H-tags) for all DFHV-licensed operators, including those who do not reside in the District. There are four pathways to obtain an H-tag: 1) Place into service a wheelchair accessible vehicle and enroll in Transport DC; 2) Place into service a 100% electric or a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) with no more than 100,000 miles; 3)  Show that an H-tag was surrendered between July 6, 2007 and July 6, 2011; or 4) Agree to participate in DFHV’s pilot programs for expanding micro-transit, bringing transportation to disadvantaged and under-served populations, or other initiatives or programs as determined by the agency.  Operators who do not reside in the District may form an independent vehicle business (IVB) in order to comply with DMV’s registration requirements.
6) Are private sedan ridesharing companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Via regulated by DFHV?

Yes. DFHV regulates ridesharing companies known as private sedan for-hire companies.  These companies are required to register with DFHV. Some private sedan for-hire companies are also registered with DFHV as a digital dispatch service (DDS).  The DDS may dispatch private sedan vehicles for-hire, taxicabs, and/or black cars.  Please click here to see the current listing of DDSs.

7) What is a digital dispatch service (DDS) provider?
DDS Providers are services that dispatch vehicles-for-hire via electronic (app) hailing.  

8) Can taxicabs adjust their fares like private sedans?

Yes.  When a taxicab is booked by e-hail (digital dispatch), it uses the fare set by the app company (digital dispatch service), which can be lower - but not higher - than the street hail rates established by DFHV in Section 801 of Title 31.  When a taxicab is booked by street hail, it must use the street hail rates in Section 801 to ensure that passengers on the street are treated fairly and consistently, without surprises in the amounts they are charged. Private sedans, which can only be booked through digital dispatch, may charge whatever rate is set by the digital dispatch service. This rate may exceed the rate established for taxicabs.
9) Does DFHV accept complaints about vehicle inspection officers (VIOs)?
Yes.  It is the job of a VIO to enforce the rules that apply to for-hire vehicles, to ensure safety, and to protecting customers by conducting traffic stops, and compliance checks, where appropriate.  Operators with evidence that a VIO has abused his or her authority should contact DFHV at [email protected].

10) My vehicle was in an accident so does it have to be replaced?

For a vehicle that has been in an accident to continue to be operated as a taxicab it must be repaired and able to pass the safety inspections and other applicable requirements of Title 31. If a vehicle is declared salvage or rebuilt, it may not be used as a taxicab and must be replaced as required by the rules in Section 609.
11)  I co-own a vehicle with a company that charges me $50 per week to drive.  Can DFHV help me to eliminate this fee?
Maybe. While DFHV cannot modify an agreement between the co-owners of a vehicle, the agency offers mediation services to assist in these circumstances.  If both the company and the individual agree to participate, mediation can be scheduled by calling 202-645-7300. 

12)  How can I Secure a Non-District Limousine (NDL) Permit?

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV) has made available for any black car vehicle the opportunity to apply for the Non-District Limousine (NDL) Permit. Administrative Issuance AI-2018-04 authorizes the permit for one year. In exchange for providing trip data through a free app from DFHV, the vehicle owners are authorized to provide point-to-point services within the District of Columbia. Email [email protected] for more information about the NDL Permit. Submit an application here

13)   How long can I have a NDL permit? How much does it cost?

The NDL Permit is five hundred dollars ($500) and is valid for one year.

14) How long does it take to get approval for the NDL Permit?
Approval of NDL Permits generally takes 24 hours or less provided that the application is complete.  Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. If your application is denied, please review the response that has been provided to you via e-mail, correct/resolve the denial reason and resubmit your application.  If you continue to have difficulty, please either call 202-645-7300 or email [email protected]
15) Where should I place the NDL Permit Sticker on my car?
Place the Special Permit sticker on the inside of the rear window where it is visible. However, if your rear window has dark window tint, place it in the front right window where it will be visible.

16) What is an Independent Vehicle Business (IVB)?

The Independent Vehicle Business (IVB) is a District-based business formed by a Maryland or Virginia resident to allow the registration of public vehicles-for-hire (taxicabs, limousines, and black cars) in Washington, DC. An IVB can be any type of business (a corporation, an LLC, an LLP, or a sole proprietorship). This creates a pathway for non-District residents to own and operate DFHV-licensed taxicabs and other luxury class vehicles, and allow them to legally provide point-to-point service in the District of Columbia.  Visit the agency website for more information.

17)  What are Provisional Licenses?

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles has issued Administrative Issuance AI-2018-02, to allow the issuance of a Provisional License. The agency has authorized two licensed limousine companies to issue provisional licenses. Potential limousine drivers may apply for a Provisional License through these companies; pass the required exam; pick up their Provisional License from DFHV; and start driving right away while waiting for their actual Face ID. The provisional licenses will be good for 30 calendar days.

18) What companies are authorized to issue provisional licenses?

Answer:  Yes.  Please contact one of the limousine companies listed below for further details:

US Limo World Inc
(202) 716-6668 
1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 1025  
Washington DC 20006

Shalom Transportation LLC 
(202) 288-6606
1638 R St NW Suite 210
Washington DC 20009

19) What is the status of the District government employee Vehicles On-Demand (VOD) transportation program?

The Vehicles On-Demand (VOD) Pilot program was discontinued on April 30, 2018. Any trips booked and completed using the DC TaxiApp District government corporate account on or prior to April 30, 2018 will be reimbursed, together with the $2 incentive for each trip.  As of May 1, 2018, operators must resume the standard practice of collecting payment in the vehicle. The VOD is expected to resume later in 2018.



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