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Xclass FAQs

Xclass Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Xclass?
Xclass will be a pilot program for a new class of dispatched public vehicles that will provide high quality rides at reasonable prices.
2. How will the Xclass pilot program work?
The pilot will use an open network of licensed drivers, cars, and businesses committed to safe practices.  There will be Xclass drivers, Xclass vehicles, and Xclass businesses.
3. What will set Xclass apart from the existing public vehicles-for-hire?
There are important differences, including: limited or zero up-front application fees, expedited driver licensing, and reduced equipment costs.
4. What makes Xclass different from existing private vehicles for hire operators?
Xclass drivers will be fully vetted with FBI fingerprint background checks, and will have more choices for vehicles, including using their own private vehicles or rented vehicles.
5. How does Xclass impact digital dispatch services (DDSs)?
Xclass will give DDSs a new source of business. Any DDS will be able to dispatch Xclass trips provided it is registered for Xclass and makes its quarterly payments of one percent of gross receipts to the District.
6. Can drivers with a Face I.D. participate in Xclass?
Yes.  Any licensed DFHV operator will be automatically eligible to drive Xclass.
7. How will Xclass rides be arranged?
All Xclass rides will be arranged by registered digital dispatch services, electronically, or through a DFHV network, API, website, mobile app, URL, or hardware.
8. How can I get an Xclass operator’s license?
You can apply online or on your smartphone. If you have a current and valid DFHV operator’s license, you will be automatically eligible to drive Xclass. If you do not already have a DFHV license, you may be eligible for a provisional Xclass license to help get you on the road fast!
9. Will Xclass operators be allowed to take street hails?
No.  Xclass vehicles may only be hailed electronically.
10. I want to have an Xclass business.  What are the application requirements?
Any taxicab company or luxury class service organization with current and valid operating authority is eligible to add Xclass to its business. A business that does not have DFHV operating authority will submit its contact information, its taxpayer identification number, and proof that it is a District-based business registered with DCRA, among other basic requirements.
11. What are the age limits on Xclass vehicles?
There will be no age limits on Xclass vehicles. Any vehicle may be used for Xclass if it meets the registration requirements, is in good condition, does not have a salvaged title, and has a current and valid safety inspection.
12. How much does an Xclass ride cost?
Drivers will provide competitive rates based on prices set by the digital dispatch services that choose to participate in Xclass.