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Administrative Issuances

Administrative Issuances

Administrative issuances (“AIs”) interpret and provide guidance for compliance with certain Department of For-Hire Vehicles regulations, where the agency finds that interpretation and guidance is helpful for stakeholders. Topics of AIs may include identifying the forms needed to apply for a license, setting the deadlines for submitting information, and establishing means for compliance with regulations. Failure to comply with an AI may result in the denial of a license or in an enforcement action under 31 DCMR § 703.

Administrative Issuance - DTS Implementation - Series/Number: AI 2017-01 (February 14, 2017)

Administrative Issuance - 2017 Inauguration Special Event Decal - Series/Number: AI-2016-011 (November 28, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - Passenger Rating of the Ride Experience - Series/Number: AI-2016-010 (November 28, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - For-Hire Industry Mediation Program - Series/Number: AI-2016-008_001 (November 14, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - Non MSA Service Member Pilot Program - Series/Number: AI-2016-007 (Revised August 25, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - Application Fee For Initial Registration of Private Sedan Business - Series/Number: AI-2016-009_001 (July 13, 2016)

Administrative Issuance: Service Enhancements During Metrorail SafeTrack - Series/Number: AI-2016-003 - Including Taxi Stand Locations (Revised July 11, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - Background Checks - Series/Number: AI-2016-008 (June 30, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - Conditions on New Vehicle Licenses - Series/Number: AI-2016-006 (Revised June 29, 2016)

Administrative Issuance - Transportation Reorganization Amendment Act of 2015 - Series/Number: AI-2016-005 (Revised June 28, 2016) 

Administrative Issuance - Extended Vehicles - Series/Number: AI-2016-004 (Revised June 10, 2016)

Administrative Issuance: Implementation Dates for DC TaxiApp - Series/Number: AI-2016-001 (revised May 23, 2016)

Administrative Issuance: Payment Service Providers-Modern Taximeter System Approval Process - Series/Number: AI-2015-003 (Revised November 6, 2015)
Administrative Issuance: Dome Light-Optional Message - Series/Number: AI-2015-002 (October 28, 2015)
Administrative Issuance: Cyclist Safety Decals - Series/Number: AI-2015-0001 (September 21, 2015)